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[GreenYes] Re: Which Types of Products are the Worst for the Environment?

Interesting reading, maybe I'll buy the full article. The question I
have based on the abstracts is whether they have measured gross harm
without subtracting net benefit (standard of living, human health,

I'd like to see a measure that focuses on jewelry (45% of all toxics
released by all USA Industry comes from hard rock metal mining; most
mercury sold today goes to 3rd world gold mining operations, which burn
it off into the air) and other products which are an anachronism. Gold
in the past represented a form of savings, but just as most governments
dropped the gold standard a hundred years ago, most people would find
that paying down their credit cards and buying a cheap 9k cosmetic
jewelry item would make them better off. The environmental cost of
heavy metal mining is ridiculous. Material worth $600 per ounce pays
for deep roads into the rain forest, deep holes in the ground, and
other environmental costs.

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