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[GreenYes] Re: Hospital recycling, and old linens

Ed Barr of Thomas Jefferson Hoispital in Philadelphia runs a great
program and there's also a hospital near Baltimore, which I'm trying to
get the name of wnhich has a great recycling program. Here's the
information on Ed Barr's program:

Thomas Jefferson
University Hospital
Recycling Operation Saves Hospital $150,000 a Year
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, in the heart of Philadelphia, is
a city within a city. With 4,300 employees, the 620-bed hospital covers
1.5 million square feet in four buildings and generates massive amounts
of recyclable waste. To control its waste generation and costs, TJU
launched recycling in April 1990, ahead of the recycling law.
That proactive approach has reaped significant benefits: it saves
roughly $150,000 a year in disposal costs. Jefferson recycles almost
500,000 pounds of mixed office paper and 547,000 pounds of corrugated
cardboard annually; over 10,000 pounds of steel cans; 139,000 pounds of
glass and plastic; and 28,000 pounds of aluminum cans. In 1994, the
hospital recycled 33,000 pounds of textiles into rags and even recycled
x-ray film and kitchen grease.
The hospital manages this mountain of recyclables by baling its
cardboard and making daily shipments with its own trucks to the
recycling center. No additional staff or vehicles were required, said
Ed Barr, manager of Jefferson Hospital's Support Services, who oversees
the operation.

Edward M. Barr
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Support Svcs. Mgr. Enviro. Svc

Also check out Hospitals for a Healthy environemnt at for more case studies on waste reduvtion at
hospitals. And also look at the EPA, Region 9 fact sheet for hospitals
on "Reusable Totes, Blue Wrap Recycling and Composting." Look on pages
3-6 for the section on Blue Wrap recycling>.

If you're interested, they also have fact sheets for hospitals on
microfiber mops (they save water, chemicals and labor costs), mercury
alternatives and alternative sterilants/disinfectants. The fact sheets
are all found at:
Eileen Sheehan, Manager, P2 and Solid Waste Office

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