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[GreenYes] Green Project UNI: advice for campus recycling

I am involved in a student group on the campus of the University of Northern
Iowa in Cedar Falls Iowa. I read posts from this group often and i find the
insight and knowledgable experience valuable to our cause here. We call
ourselves Green Project UNI, and we've taken on the task of turning our
University into a Green university any way that we can. We've started with
the focus of recycling and waste, because we have so much room to improve.
Recycling seems to be the foundation of any real effective and sustainable
environmental policy, so were hoping for good things.

I'm going to share some of what our group does in hopes that it will relate
to some of your experiences, and you can share some ideas of how to make our
movement more effective and grow.
We have begun to attend major university events and set up Recycling
Stations where we collect bottles, glass, paper and cardboard and then
recycle/reuse them. This is alot of fun and a great way to reach out to

We have written a proposal which we are soliciting to every university
department asking for a donation enough to cover the cost of one recycling
bin which we will then place on campus.

We host monthly environmental advocacy fairs titled "Earth Day of the Month"
where we attempt to educate students on Green Living and introduce them to
other environmental issues/groups in the area. These are always fun.

We are growing fast, but i just want to get some ideas from you all based on
successful recycling programs on campus's you are all aware of. We are very
creative and inspired, but its good to have some guidance from the
experienced as well to balance our movement.

Thanks if you can give this some thought and reply with any small/big idea.
Mark Becker
Green Project UNI

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