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[GreenYes] Seeking Communities Collecting Food Scraps from Residents

Apologies for Cross-Postings

The USEPA Region 9 has contracted with a team of consultants to
determine what are the best practices regarding the collection and
processing of residential organics.

This study will identify different factors that define the programs
and will include recommendations to advance such programs, such as
increasing the amount of organics diverted, reducing the costs of
collecting or processing the material, and improving the quality and
marketing of the products. These are viewed as critical next steps to
helping communities move towards Zero Waste.

We would like to identify All communities in EPA Region 9 (Arizona,
California, Hawaii, Nevada, the Pacific islands and Tribal Nations)
to interview for this study that currently, in addition to yard
trimmings, also collect food scraps and soiled paper. We are also
looking to identify model communities beyond Region 9 in the U.S. or
Canada. If you are such a community, or if you know of such a
community, please email <mailto:gary@no.address>gary@no.address
to share that with us.

After the analysis is done (around summer of 2007), we will also
assist one or more communities that are interested in developing or
expanding such residential organics programs. We would also like to
identify communities in Region 9 now that may be interested in
getting assistance in such efforts, particularly those interested in
exploring less than weekly collection of food scraps as
garbage. If you are such a community, or if you know of such a
community, please email <mailto:gary@no.address>gary@no.address
to share that with us as well.

Peter Anderson is the leader of our Project Team (RecycleWorlds and
the Center for a Competitive Waste Industry,, assisted by Steve Sherman (Environmental
Science Associates, and myself (Gary Liss &

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Gary Liss

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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