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[GreenYes] Re: Computer Recycling


You can try doing a search for electronic recycling companies in
your state at The International Association of
Electronics Recyclers has an online database with thousands of
companies in the directory. With that information in hand, you can try
to contact those companies and partner with them for proper recycling
of computers and electronics. Hope this info helps.


Philip Palmatier,
Eco Radio Network

Colleen wrote:
> I am the Program Director for a non-profit in a fairly rural but
> affluent community. The residents here update their home and office
> computers on a regular basis and my organization in turn receives a lot
> of phone calls asking where they might recycle their computers.
> Unfortunately, we don't have a system in place with our local waste
> hauler (transfer costs are too financially prohibitive). Does anyone
> have experience with how rural communities are dealing with computer
> waste/recycling?

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