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[GreenYes] VOTE ENVIRONMENT November 7!

Title: Like the bear says, VOTE ENVIRONMENT November 7!
The environment is a non-partisan issue.  Vote for what matters. 

Action Alert

Dear Friends,

A Bear Votes - Vote
Environment Nov.7!

Election Day is only a couple weeks away and we need your help! 

With so much at stake this election, we need everyone who cares about our air, water, wildlife, and wilderness to go to the polls and VOTE ENVIRONMENT up and down the ballot!

That is why is dusting off our adorable "A Bear Votes" flash movie about the trials and tribulations of a bear who nobly tries to save his home by voting for the environment.

Click here to watch "A Bear Votes" now, and then share this cute animated film with your friends by forwarding this message to them!

Wildlife (like our friend the bear), wilderness, and future generations are depending on us to VOTE ENVIRONMENT on November 7. 

If you care about the air we breathe, the cleanliness of our water, protecting endangered wildlife, or conserving our natural heritage, you must make your voice heard by going to the polls on November 7!

Please forward this email and the link to "A Bear Votes" ( around to your friends, family, co-workers and anyone who cares about protecting our environment for future generations.

There's a lot to think about when choosing candidates on November 7, and we need to be sure that the environment is in the forefront of everyone's mind when they go to the polls!

Thanks for helping us spread the word and remember that a vote for the environment is a vote for the bears, the otters, the sea turtles, the eagles and your grandkids!


Julie Waterman
Campaign Director,

Support for the environment is a non-partisan issue. does not endorse any candidate and urges that every candidate should be evaluated on his or her own merits.

Support Our Work - Click here now to make a secure online donation to help support our efforts to protect our clean water, clean air, endangered species and wild places.

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