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[GreenYes] Re: Peak Metal / Landfill Mining LAKE AND ORANGE CO FLA

1. It is very dangerous because of what is buried from our past was really
lethal stuff in unlined lanfill pits such as medical waste and some really
toxic chemicals and pestcides .

2. Landfills can be reclaimed and mined using the Westinghouse Plasma arc
system which reduces everything to elemental form in a glassy slag and gases
rich in hydrogen which can be reclaimed and reformed into other valuable end
products. Sane waste management practice sorts out all steel and white goods
and aluminum at curbside pickup or at tipping station.

The direction which I and Dr Ron Ney (formerly of EPA Pestisides with
landfill expertise) was personally made aware of by the Lake Co Landfill
presentation 2003 by Startech plasma was it was mining landfills was desirable over
current burning and landfilling methods because even with liners landfills leak
leachette and gas off some gases other than methane which is not a problem
with plasma redux systems. No Mercury No Lead, No dioxins No leachettes.

Rachel's has some reports on Orange Fla Co excess landfill gases that is
quite interesting.

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