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[GreenYes] Speakers for NLC Congress?


We are looking for panelists to speak about their experience setting up
and/or implementing recycling on the go, or away-from-home, programs in
their municipality, at the National League of Cities 2006 Congress in
Reno, NV. We are sponsoring a one-hour session on Dec. 8 and are
looking for 2-3 speakers from local governments. We are looking for
effective speakers with a good story to tell who could encourage other
local government officials to consider setting up (or encouraging
organizations and businesses within their community to set up)
recycling on the go programs, By recycling on the go programs, I mean
ongoing, sustainable recycling programs at sports events, airports,
parks, convention centers, community fairs or other special events, or
other venues away from home, Please let me know soon if you have
someone in mind or call if you have questions. Thanks!

Judy Taylor
Municipal and Industrial Solid Waste Division
Office of Solid Waste (MC:5306W)
US Environmental Protection Agency
Washington, DC 20460
Tel: 703-308-7277
Fax: 703-308-8686
email: taylor.judy@no.address

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