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[GreenYes] Plasma in Panama... sounds like a bad movie

The ZW movement in the US has always paid attention to the "good news" from
around the world, but what about the bad news? We love how the EU is
forging ahead and cutting a path through the forest with EPR and the
prohibition on landfilling biowaste. But there is also some serious bad
news abroad that we should be speaking up about. This little blurb to me
just as easily could have added a few sentences to the bottom . which I did
just for fun .


Startech Environmental Corp. (Wilton, CT) announced that its exclusive
Panamanian distributor Sicmar International Panama S. A. has signed a
contract with the city of Las Tablas under which Sicmar has secured the land
and waste volumes required for the construction and operation of a Startech
Plasma Waste Converter (PWC) facility. The new plant will be designed to
process 200 tons of municipal solid waste per day and will be the first of
five to ten such facilities planned for operation in Panama. Commissioning
for the Las Tablas facility is tentatively scheduled for early 2008. The
deal has been financed by the World Bank and guarantees an annual put-or-pay
fee to the mayor of Las Tablas of $200,000 per year. The Panamanian
corporation, Sicmar, owned by the President of Panama, has announced plans
to expand this new sanitary incinerator throughout Central America as a way
to shut down the open dumps in the region. The project will create 10 jobs
compared to the hundreds of jobs that a Zero Waste public policy would have
created, according to the recently deceased head of the national
environmental lawyers guild, La Vita.

The world is still looking at waste as something to get rid of. We need to
make it something that you want to embrace.


Eric Lombardi

Executive Director/CEO

Eco-Cycle Inc

Boulder, CO. USA


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