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[GreenYes] Re: ANS why not compost because it is ....

Your ANS list and weed eat is because all generated waste is not benign to
life and therefore not recyclable or compost materials because some waste
contains toxics and serious long term environmental pollutants like containers of
pesticides, acids, petro chemicals. And some give off dioxins in traditional
waste decomposition process.

Further Composing waste is not all that earth friendly either.

If my seniors memory serves me correct Rachel's has some peer reviewed
materials on the unintentional and unexpected air and ground waters pollution
associated with composting and digester use of some waste streams.

In Fla (4th most populated state in USA and 3rd largest consumer of motor
fuels) air and water pollution is an area of my keen professional interest.
Especially Fla surface water radioactivity, "P" Phosphorous compound loads* (
Dr Ney shares this" P" passion with me ) and most especially interesting is
resultant Fla toxic algae (neuro toxics) and our ever in the news Coastal red


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