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[GreenYes] Implementing two stream program and introducing a second bin in the process

Hi, we here in Orange Co. NC are on the cusp on introducing a second 18 gallon bin to all the 30,000 households on our urban & rural curbside recycling programs and seek the guidance and wisdom of those who have come before on how to best do this particularly regarding:
Opt-out programs, not everyone may WANT or NEED a second bin, they can effectively bag their paper - how to manage opt outs?
Best way to do education & outreach, we're thinking a mailer in advance, followed by the bin (with or without a brochure in it?)
Labeling the bin: we are thinking of giving out a single 'universal' label saying "You can put all PAPER in ONE BIN and all cans n Bottles in the OTHER BIN. WE DON'T CARE which as long as you separate. Is that a good way or give two labels, one for their existing bin and one for the new one?
Any other info you could tell us about your experience w/ implementing two stream using a second bin would help

Blair L. Pollock
Orange County Solid Waste Planner
(919) 968-2788
(919) 932-2900 fax
PO Box 17177
Chapel Hill NC 27516-7177
Only 1 in 5 plastic bottles is now recycled in Orange County.

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