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Just as a PS to Muna' information. This all works IF the sludge is not
contaminated with toxic chemicals.

Unfortunately all city sewage systems are part of a wider network of effluent
discharges from factories and this toxic brew cannot be handled adequately by
even the best sewage treatment plants. That is why the sludge is
contaminated with hazardous materials and why you would not want to spread
it on land.
Even on forests.
The only real way to tackle such sewage sludge problems is to clean up the
factory discharges. Something that the City of Toronto successfully did for
handful of chemicals but the Toxic Use Reduction City By-law did not go far
enough and met with alot of company opposition (dentists for instance who
had to
implement more stringent handling of mercury). I helped them initiate this
planning back in the late 1990's. All to say this is another reason why we
need Toxic Use Reduction Planning for all companies discharging into the
systems of cities round the world.
For more information on this visit or for general information
visit our website under the Steps section called 'cleaning up the

It's all possible to do. But it takes a dedicated municipal government who
will pass comprehensive effluent discharge limits and monitor/enforce them
more importantly work with companies to implement clean technology.
Something there is alot of information on (UNEP Cleaner Production
Programmes and all
the rest of the international clean technology networks). But it takes a
campaign 'kick' and often sampling of sewage sludge to show just how toxic
stuff is and get change happening.

Bev Thorpe

** note new phone number **
Beverley Thorpe
Clean Production Action
tel: +1 514 933 4596

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