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[GreenYes] Re: Dealing with sewage sludge

At 02:42 PM 8/17/2006 -0700, weedeat@no.address wrote:

>I read so much on sewage sludge, what is the best way to handle sewage
>sludge , would like to know what you (everyone ) thinks is the best.
>Thanks Keith

There is no single answer to this--circumstances vary so much and
lots of paths have been taken. One key thing is whether the sludge
is loaded with heavy metals and other unremovable toxins. If
not--leaving aside arguments about how much is acceptable--there are
a lot more options. If there is lead, arsenic, mercury, PCBs, and
suchlike in it then land application or other true reuse becomes
problematic. So a key to a "sustainable" sewer system is to keep the
toxins out. To put in another way, you can't look at sludge
management in isolation from the rest of the system....


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