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[GreenYes] Re: clear trash bags

Omaha does require the use of clear or translucent bags for garbage
collection (the other option is loose trash in a resident supplied
trash can up to 32 gal). It was impliments as a means to watch for
banned material. Omaha is required by state law to provide solid waste
collection from single family households at no direct cost to the
residents (solid waste is paid by the general revenue fund that
includes primarily property and sales taxes). Collection is provided
by a city paid contractor, and the city pays the landfill bill
directly. Garbage, yardwaste and recyclables collection service is
provided at a total annual cost per household $102.06.

Compliance with clear or translucent bags is fairly good. Clear bags
are hard to find and the city has worked with a couple of vendors to
increase their availability but that has only had limited success.
Enforcement with those that don't use clear/translucent is spotty, and
generally left up to the contractor however we do back the contractor
if they don't pick up garbage set out in opaque bags. Omaha's solid
waste website is

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