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[GreenYes] Fwd: URGENT: 2 days left to pass Bottle Bill Reform to Provide $100 million for recycling

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>Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006 17:29:52 -0400 (EDT)
>From: Mark Murray <CAW@no.address>
>To: gary@no.address
>Subject: URGENT: 2 days left to pass Bottle Bill Reform to Provide $100
> million for recycling
>Dear Friends and Colleagues:
>I want to thank the literally hundreds of you
>who responded to our urgent alert two days ago
>and sent letters of support to your senator for Assembly Bill 3056.
>But there are just two days left and we still
>need help to get this bill passed. If you
>haven't responded yet, I'm begging you to help
>us out in the last days of session.
>After months of negotiations, the Assembly
>Natural Resources Committee has unveiled a
>comprehensive and thoughtful Bottle Bill reform
>package that will provide consumers, recyclers,
>processors and end-users with tens of millions
>of dollars in new, direct financial incentives
>to increase collection and recycling of used
>beverage containers. This is the single most
>important and beneficial recycling measure that
>the legislature can enact this year. Please:
>this Action Alert to every recycling program coordinator your know.
>a personal letter of support to your State Senator.
>Despite the overall great success of
>California's Bottle Bill, container recycling
>rates have stagnated at about 60% for the last
>few years. This proposal addresses this problem
>with a package of thoughtful and proven consumer
>and recycler incentives designed to: increase
>collection; improve material quality; and
>stimulate California market demand. We believe
>that these market-based incentives have the
>potential to substantially improve recycling
>rates -- especially for problematic plastic
>containers. Among the measure?s key features:
>? Provides the Department of Conservation with
>the authority to utilize surplus redemption
>funds to provide both consumers and curbside
>recycling programs with a boost in refund value
>during the first six months of 2007. This
>provision represents the single largest 'bonus
>payment' to consumers in the 20 year history of
>the program, and -- if properly promoted by the
>department -- serve to stimulate consumer recycling and curbside recovery.
>? Expands the successful Quality Glass Incentive
>Program to all materials, which will provide a
>market-based incentive for the 15 to 20% of
>containers collected at curbside that are not
>currently being recycled. This provision will
>also increase California manufacturers' ability to use collected recyclables.
>? Establishes a much needed market development
>payment program for plastic containers in order
>to support and expand the development of
>California-based enterprises for the processing
>and use of recycled plastic. Today, upwards of
>90% of plastic beverage containers collected in
>California are exported overseas for recycling.
>? Provides $5 million in one-time grants to
>local governments and non-profits to establish
>and expand beverage container recycling
>opportunities at multi-family dwellings.
>? Increases the department?s market development
>grant authority to $20 million annually (up from the current $10 million).
>? Provides $20 million in one-time grants to
>community conservation corps for beverage
>container recycling and litter reduction
>projects at schools, government buildings, bars
>& restaurants, parks and multi-family dwellings.
>All told, AB 3056 provides consumers, recyclers
>and manufacturers with more than $100 million in
>additional recycling stimulus in 2007.
>AB 3056 is a thoughtful and balanced package
>that is universally supported by private and
>non-profit recyclers, local governments,
>container manufacturers, retailers, beverage
>producers and environmental groups.
>But we need your help to get it through the
>Senate and to the Governor's desk. To send an
>e-mail directly to your senator,
>Thank you,
>Mark Murray
>Executive Director
>AB 3056 can increase the state's recycling rate
>by as much as 20%. Please take action now to
>send a message to your senator to vote "Yes" on
>the most important recycling bill of the 2005-06 legislative session.

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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