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[GreenYes] Re: Are there any laws, or special dates that are very important to Zero Waste?

HI, I wanted to add that the name Titlenine (Title9) is a womans
catalog/website and the name comes from a peice of legislature dealing
with letting girls play sports.

SO I am trying to find something similar, hope this helps!

thank you-merle
aspenmom wrote:
> Hi, I am actually looking for a good number to use in a name I am
> trying to come up with. SInce I am working on a Zero Waste type idea
> here, I thought how wonderful to have a number that has meaning to it.
> At first I was going to use the number 15 as that is my birthday, but
> then thought there must be a good number of a special act that was
> passed, or something more special to Zero Waste, reclaim etc..
> Also, looking at recycling numbers on products, lile the 1,2 4 pet4
> etc.. Is there a number for PVC material?
> thank you, and hope this made sense!!
> merle

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