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[GreenYes] Job Announcements

San Francisco Department of the Environment Job Announcements - Information
at - Applications due 8/10/2006

1) 5642 Senior Environmental Specialist - Salary $73,138 - $88,868 Annual
Develop outreach campaigns and assist program manager in coordinating the
overall public outreach program, including managing campaigns, supervising
staff, designing annual plans, managing grants, responding to public
inquiries, developing public outreach activities, and evaluating current
projects. Develop and maintains environmental displays and outreach program
for EcoCenter, the environmental education facility for the Department of
the Environment; coordinates with City departments and regional
environmental groups; assists funding activities for EcoCenter-related
activities. Develop, coordinate, implement, analyze and evaluate source
reduction, reuse, recycling and composting outreach and behavior change

2) 5640 Environmental Specialist - Salary: $62,8682 - $76,440 Annual
Coordinates and implements environmental behavior change and education
programs focusing primarily on recycling. This position will focus on a
range of waste reduction programs, including waste prevention, recycling,
composting, and reuse, and secondarily on other department program areas.
In carrying out these duties, the position coordinates and implements
recycling outreach campaigns, including preparing and disseminating
environmental data, information and materials to business, the public and
City agencies, proportionate to the needs of the program. The position
coordinates and designs environmental grassroots and social marketing
outreach projects and youth leadership programs; supervises and train
trainees, grassroots volunteers and interns to conduct presentations on a
wide array of environmental issues; provides technical assistance to
neighborhoods setting up recycling and other environmental programs;
creates and maintains program partnerships with government agencies and
private commercial enterprises.

David Assmann, Deputy Director
San Francisco Department of the Environment
11 Grove Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 (415) 355-3702

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