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[GreenYes] Re: Landfill or WTE

The purpose of zero waste is to focus on policies and strategies needed to
advance sustainable resource policies. Zero waste is the way we build true
change and escape the classic "burning or burying" trap.

For general information on problems with landfills please see the archives
of this list, as well as

For general information on problems with incineration, please see

One of the big reasons why building incinerators actually moves us away from
zero waste is that "put or pay" contracts turn incinerators into garbage
monsters. These contracts pit recycling, composting and waste prevention
against the financial need to keep feeding the incinerator. In the case of
Detroit (with the country's largest incinerator) and many other places, this
has led to huge debt and high rates for residents, and has prevented
recycling from gaining a foothold (Detroit is the only city of the 30
largest US city without curbside recycling).

When it comes to products that can't be recycled or composted, extended
producer responsibility is the most holistic tool to change the materials
being used, as well as other incentives for redesign, such as bans on toxic
materials in products.

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We all try to recycling all we can , (I do) what is best for the things we
can not recycle landfilling or WTE for the disposal , I live by landfills
and see a material( fuel) going to waste being covered up each day, WTE does
it put the material( garbage) to a better use by burning it as fuel instead
or oil and gas to make electric power for our homes and business? Keith

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