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[GreenYes] Register today for the 2nd National Product StewardshipForum!

>CHICAGO, JUNE 14-15 2006
>Momentum is building for the 2nd National Product Stewardship Forum,
>June 14th and 15th in Chicago. The Forum's agenda will feature national
>and international experts on the many aspects of product stewardship,
>from overall policy approaches to specific examples of successful
>initiatives, as well as details about the latest activity on a range of
>products. Manufacturers, retailers, associations, government
>officials, environmental leaders, and many others will find the Forum an
>invaluable opportunity to learn about the status of product stewardship
>in the U.S. and abroad, to network with leaders in this fast-growing
>field, and to understand the implications of product stewardship for
>both business and the environment.
>Events will include:
>* Sessions on various approaches to product stewardship,
>including product-by-product, integrated product policy, and broader
>government frameworks.
>* Sessions on international efforts that affect and drive U.S.
>markets, manufacturers, and their products.
>* Breakout sessions that highlight the progress and future
>plans for specific products - paint, thermostats, electronics,
>pharmaceuticals, and others.
>Registration for the Forum is available on-line at:
>Details about the Forum's agenda can also be found at:

And don't miss the May 24th deadline for reservations at the Forum
hotel- the Hyatt Regency - McCormick Place. For more specific
information, see:

If you have questions about the Forum, please contact Erin Linsky with
the Product Stewardship at 617-236-4853 or erin@no.address

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