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[GreenYes] Metro-Philly Hooked on Waste

April 28, 2006

Contact: David Biddle, 215-247-3090, Dbiddle@no.address

Study Shows Metro-Philadelphia Hooked on Trash

PHILADELPHIA, PA - A study released today by the Greater Philadelphia
Commercial Recycling Council (GPCRC) shows that despite comprehensive
recycling programs the region continues to throw out more and more trash
every year. The culprit, in large part, is not consumers but businesses and
institutions. ³Commercial and office recycling programs just aren¹t
happening the way they should be,² said David Biddle, author of the study
and executive director of GPCRC. ³We believe that if businesses took
recycling seriously, there could be a drastic cut in our disposal needs.²

The study, titled The State of Commercial Solid Waste in Southeastern
Pennsylvania, estimates that 58% of the trash generated in the region comes
from businesses and institutions.

Using county-of-origin data provided by the Pennsylvania Department of
Environmental Protection, GPCRC found that trash disposal totals
(residential and commercial combined) for 1995 were approximately 2.9
million tons. By 2003, that figure had increased to 3.9 million tons.
Roughly a 30% increase in nine years.

GPCRC also reports on missed commercial recycling opportunities for the
five-county area. Approximately 76% of the bottles and cans, 75% of the
paper, and 90% of the organics that could have been recycled or composted
were either landfilled or incinerated. ³Those kinds of numbers,² said
Biddle, ³mean that area businesses are throwing away, on average, nearly $70
million a year in savings they could realize through recycling.²

GPCRC is a non-profit organization committed to promoting and supporting
commercial and institutional recycling in the region. Members of the
organization comprise some of the region¹s most prominent organizations,
demonstrating that well-planned recycling programs can reduce disposal

A summary of the results of The State of Commercial Solid Waste in
Southeastern Pennsylvania may be found at the group¹s web site: <> .

David Biddle, Executive Director

P.O. Box 4037
Philadelphia, PA 19118
215-432-8225 (mobile)


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