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[GreenYes] Re: Roper Poll 1990 on Environmental Friendly Participation

There is a whole research field on this.
Your best window to start peeking out onto this field is the Fostering
Sustainable Behavior listserve, which furthers the practice of
community-based social marketing. Find out more at
To subscribe - send a note to fsb-on@no.address

Anne Peters
Gracestone, Inc.
Boulder, CO
303.494.4934 vox
303.494.4880 fax

Ann Schneider wrote:

>I am culling my paper records and found a 1990 study by the Roper
>Organization called:
>Participation in Environmentally Friendly Practices
>Demographics - US Populace
>US Populace / Behavior Segments - Environment
> (This is my favorite as it lists True-Blue Greens, Greenback
>Greens, Sprouts, Grousers, Basic Browns
>and this one from Scott Paper Co. 3/90
>Most Frequent / Most Credible Sources of Environmental Information
>I was wondering if anyone knows of more recent studies? If they are
>published on line? Or any other studies that look at green behaviors.
>Ann Schneider
>Loma Prieta Chapter
>Sierra Club
> ann.schneider@no.address

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