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[GreenYes] NY State Schools Envt. Program Recognized Nationally by Go Green Initiative - Governor Pataki Extends Congratulations

>>>>For More Information
>>>>Contact For Immediate Release
>>>>Meg Morris
>>>>518 434-1227
> Mmorris@no.address
>>>>State Recycling Organization Recognized Nationally
>>>>Governor Pataki Extends Congratulations
>>>>ALBANY, New York (May 10, 2006) ­ New York
>>>>State was recently recognized by the Go Green
>>>>Initiative (Pleasanton, CA) as the Go Green
>>>>State of the Year for its expanding recycling work with school districts.
>>>>Specifically, the New York State Association
>>>>for Reduction, Reuse & Recycling (NYSAR3) and
>>>>the New York State PTA were honored for their green collaboration.
>>>>The recognition, awarded by the nationally
>>>>acclaimed Go Green Initiative (GGI) has had
>>>>only one other awardee of this stature, the State of Texas.
>>>>?We?re very honored to have received this
>>>>award,? said Sharon Fisher, NYSAR3 President,
>>>>?members of our NYSAR3 board have invested a
>>>>lot of time and energy into this exciting program.?
>>>>In a letter read at the GGI Awards Night
>>>>earlier this month in California, Governor
>>>>Pataki also praised the organization stating
>>>>?On behalf of all New Yorkers, I extend
>>>>congratulations?to the New York State
>>>>Association for Reduction, Reuse and
>>>>Recycling on this much-deserved recognition.
>>>>The Empire State is proud of all their
>>>>?green? efforts on behalf of future generations.?
>>>>The Go Green Initiative, a school and
>>>>community based program, was founded in 2002
>>>>and focuses its concern on children?s health
>>>>and their daily environment. Specifically,
>>>>rather than teaching about these issues, the
>>>>GGI program focuses on behavior modification
>>>>by example, rather than curriculum.
>>>>According to Jill Buck, Founder and Executive
>>>>Director of the Go Green Initiative, ?it?s a
>>>>simple, comprehensive program designed to
>>>>create a culture of environmental
>>>>responsibility on school campuses across the nation.?
>>>>The GGI program was introduced to NYSAR3 by
>>>>its Treasurer, Meg Morris, who also is a
>>>>board member for the California-based
>>>>program. Asked about its viability, Morris
>>>>stressed that ?if we don?t get recycling and
>>>>environmental awareness into our K-12 system,
>>>>we?ll continue to fight a hard battle for a
>>>>good environment.? The Go Green Initiative
>>>>unites parents, students, teachers, school
>>>>administrators and recycling coordinators in
>>>>an effort to make real and sustainable
>>>>environmental changes in schools, including
>>>>recycling, composting and the environmental impact of daily activities.
>>>>The GGI is currently in schools in NYC,
>>>>Syracuse, Fulton, Dutchess and Rockland
>>>>Counties, as well as the Town of Bethlehem.
>>>>For recycling information for school
>>>>administrators, teachers and students visit
>>>>the NYSARRR web site at
> - 30 -
>GW Associates
>702 S. Beech
>Syracuse, NY 13210
>pwirth2@no.address (Pete Wirth)

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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