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[GreenYes] Re: Commercial (business) recycling - new program


I'd like to read your mandatory recycling ordinance. Is it online



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Subject: [GreenYes] Re: Commercial (business) recycling - new program

Hi Megan ~

We have made recycling manadatory for all businesses, as well as all
households, apartment dwellings, schools, government offices, etc.

By being mandatory, it helps the economies of scale.

Best wishes,


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>Subject: [GreenYes] Commercial (business) recycling - new program
>A new program to offer (voluntary) commercial recycling services in
>Boise is in the works and making progress... Quick question: Of those
>of you implementing similar programs, how do you sign-up customers? Do
>you require a waste audit first? Survey the business? How do you sell
>them a service that will cost them more money per month (particularly
>customers with the lowest level of service)?
>Our concern is that businesses may not be aware of the recyclable
>materials they generate or the volume. We don't want them to sign up
>for too little or too much service (we see this happen all the time
>when it comes to waste generation). However, we also don't want to
>slow down progress by making businesses wait for an audit unless it is
>necessary. Thoughts?
>All suggestions are appreciated.

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