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[GreenYes] EPR for Junk mail in France

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>From: "Peter Anderson" <anderson@no.address>
>Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2006 10:15:46 -0600
>France applies polluter pays logic to junk mail
>Environment Daily 2053, 07/03/06
>Distributors of unsolicited mail in France will have to help pay for
>recycling of the resultant waste under a decree agreed by the council of
>ministers last week. The sector has been put on notice that if it fails
>to cooperate the government will introduce a junk mail tax.
>Under the decree, distributors can pay into a fund that will then
>support recycling by local authorities or they can pay for advertising
>to encourage consumers to recycle waste. The government says it will
>decide on payment levels later this year after consulting with
>interested parties.
>French households receive an average of 40kg of unsolicited printed
>materials every year, according to the French environment ministry.
>Local authorities put the cost of recycling printed materials at about
>?150/tonne, currently all borne by local taxpayers. At this rate,
>recycling half of all junk mail in France would cost ?75m.
>*The decree is designed to help meet an official target of reducing the
>amount of household waste going to landfills or incinerators to 200kg
>per person per year within ten years (ED 22/09/05
>*Follow-up: *French environment ministry
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>plus press release
><> and decree
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