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[GreenYes] Re: Carpet

Try the OPT3 or Antrim programs, see their web site at
or call a rep at 865-692-8337. they'll pay freight costs for over
45,000 sq ft for all states east of Mississippi.


3.5 billion pounds of carpet waste ends up in U.S. landfills yearly. On
average, carpet tiles take 20,000 years to disintegrate. Decreasing
space in landfills = Increasing landfill tipping fees.

We know the biggest problem you face with recycling carpet is cost!
Traditionally, it has been cheaper for you to put the carpet in a
landfill than to recycle.


OPT3's Recovery and Recycling Programs offer you an efficient and
cost-effective way for you to divert carpet tile from landfills, saving
you time and helping you with your LEED recycling project.

For more information about OPT3 call (865) 692-8337
P.O. Box 23827 · Knoxville, TN 37933
Fax: (865)692-8226 · recycling@no.address

Also Antrim will recycle carpet, see below:


I recently met with the Philadelphia area representative from Antron,
who used to be part of Dupont and learned that they are looking for
carpet to recycle. They will put dumpsters at a designated site and
either haul the dumpster full of used carpet back to their facility for
recycling, charging less than the landfill tipping fee, or you can
arrange to have the carpet taken to their nearest facility. They told
me that all the carpet( Nylon6, Nylon66 polyester, etc) is recycled. Go
to their web site at to
learn more about their carpet reclamation program. Go to to
find out who the Antron Fiber consultant is in your region.

Here's something from the site on their recycling program.

Next, the customer can choose one of two ways to handle logistics:

1. The customer can have INVISTA take all logistical steps. This
includes an on-site container for collecting used carpet as well as
picking up and shipping the loaded container to the INVISTA Reclamation
Center located in Calhoun, Georgia. Pricing is based on logistics and

2. Or, the customer can handle the logistics. This includes loading and
shipping the used carpet directly to the INVISTA Reclamation Center.
INVISTA will unload the carpet for reclamation. Customers may prefer
this option when they have access to their own transportation. Pricing
includes the reclamation fee, which is based on total pounds of all
material shipped.
Specific information provided by the customer will assist the Antron®
Fiber Consultant or preferred service provider in estimating the cost
of reclaiming the used carpet. Locate your representative online or
call us at 1-877-5-ANTRON.

On a Roll - The INVISTA Reclamation Program
In 1991, INVISTA initiated a program to find new ways to put used
carpet back to work. We led a group of concerned carpet manufacturers,
flooring contractors, specifiers and end users in founding the INVISTA
Reclamation Program.

As the first and only nationwide carpet reclamation program that
recycles all types of carpet, the INVISTA Reclamation Program has
collected over 100 million pounds of carpet, resulting in more than
400,000 cubic yards of conserved landfill space.

Knowing how important it is for our customers to understand the truth
behind our published information, we sought a recognized third party
organization to verify our reclamation statements. In 2002, the INVISTA
Reclamation Center in Calhoun, Georgia became the first carpet
reclamation facility to be certified as a carpet reclamation and
processing facility under Scientific Certification Systems'
Environmental Claims Certification Program. And, after a second
rigorous evaluation, the INVISTA Reclamation Center was recertified in

Justin Stockdale wrote:
I know there have been several discussions in the past regarding carpet
recycling, but have been unable to search past archives. Anyone with
knowledge of who is buying used carpet for recycling? Have a customer
66,000 sq feet of commercial carpet looking for a home other than a
local landfill.

Any help is appreciated as always,
Justin Stockdale
Buckman Road Recycling & Transfer Station

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