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[GreenYes] Universal Waste photos wanted

Hello all,

A while back I was looking for some specific photos and got such a
great response from you all that I am coming back with a request

Does anybody have some good shots of Universal Waste to go with a
newspaper article?
I'm looking for high resolution images of the more common materials
covered under the new California law, e.g. a bucket full of household
batteries, fluorescent tubes/light bulbs, a close-up of the mercury
tube in a thermostat etc.

While it's always good to have people in the photo, these pictures
would have to be pretty generic, i.e. not show a specific drop-off
location etc. Unfortunately we don't have enough time to take our own

Thanks so much!
Stefanie Pruegel
Gigantic Idea Studio
Social Marketing for a Sustainable Future
510-451-5500 x 305
510-451-5502 fax
580 2nd Street, Suite 230
Oakland, CA 94607

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