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[GreenYes] Re: Where do residents get compost bins if their municipality does not subsidize them?

Since I cannot remember ever actually seeing a compost bin for sale at
a store, I would venture to guess that folks who do not have access to
subsidized composting bins are either ordering them online (i.e., from catalogs (i.e. or building
their own.

Mark Snyder
Pollution Prevention Specialist
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

On 11/7/05, jlehrer@no.address <jlehrer@no.address> wrote:
> Hi,
> My question is for those recycling coordinators who work in a
> municipality/county that does NOT provide subsidized home compost or
> vermicompost bins to their residents. Has anyone in this situation
> conducted a study to learn where those residents who have purchased
> compost bins obtained them from? In other words, who is the biggest
> supplier of home compost bins in your community? Nurseries? Big Box
> Stores such as Home Depot? Other sources?
> thanks,
> Justin Lehrer
> Program Manager

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