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[GreenYes] Re: Fwd: [GreenYes] HOW TO MAKE QUICK EASY MONEY!!!! : TURN $6 INTO THOUSANDS!!!...


Thanks for reporting this.
I think this is the second or third time a spam got on the list
in the history of the list.

I've unsubscribed the offender - a habitual spammer - and
reported it to google groups abuse. I will remove it
and these posts from the archives later.

Subscription to GreenYes is now moderated, since
the venue seems easily compromised when subscription
is left unmoderated.


I don't expect this to happen again. However,
should another spam like this get through, they are
easily reported through Google's spam abuse protocol.
Click on 'read more>>' for the offending post.
Click 'show options.'
Click 'report abuse.'
Please use this tool for spam only. If you are offended by
someone's post who is a valid member, please
resolve this off-list in an adult fashion.



JPap100@no.address wrote:
> Thought this was from greenyes - not sure how it got through.
> Thanks
> John Papandrea

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