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RE: Fwd: Re: [greenyes] From Oil to Plastics


Nice site.. but would someone please tell them to remove all that yellow
graphic stuff behind the text!!!! It's enough to create multiple headaches!

Eric Lombardi
Executive Director
Eco-Cycle Inc

"Anything that changes your values, changes your behavior"
George Sheehan.

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Another suggestion:

wayne's site looks very interesting, but if you want something less
thorough, try

Rose Niemi
Merced County Association of Governments
369 West 18th Street
Merced CA 95340
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>>> "Wayne Turner" <WAYNET@no.address> 10/07/2005 11:51 AM >>>

You might try these two websites combined. The first one is a very
understandable website about oil refining and gets you to the point of
producing natural gas which is a feedstock for plastics. The second one is
about polymerization, is a little more academic but still a good website
showing how you chain the molecules together to form plastic. I used the
second one to educate myself on the subject of plastics a few years ago.

I hope they help.


>>> "Rod Muir" <rodmuir@no.address> 10/07/05 1:23 PM >>>
For months now I have been looking for a fairly detailed layman's
explanation of how oil and gas become plastics.
Can anyone make a recommendation

Things seem a bit quiet on the list lately.
Hope all are in good spirits


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