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[greenyes] composting wax coated OCC & polycoated paper


At the Palo Alto Zero Waste Task Force meeting this morning, several
members questions and wanted wax coated corrugated materials removed from
composting programs due to concerns that they may add to toxicity in the
finished compost.

I actually don't know what chemicals are used in the wax in wax coated
corrugated containers. So my question is, what is it made from? And is
it a problem in composting and can it be cleared thru any of the compost
quality standards?

Now onto the second part, what about composting polycoated paper
contaminated with food waste. Will these materials increase toxicity in
finished compost if they are included in a food waste collection program.
What are the alternative materials for polycoated food packaging?

And finally, if a community wanted the "healthiest" food waste collection
program, that will include food contaminated containers or wrappers;
should that community ban certain types of waxed corrugated and
polycoated packaging and instead favor more ?"organic" moisture barriers
used on paper?


Ann Schneider
Sierra Club Loma Prieta Chapter
PA ZW Task Force Member

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