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Re: [greenyes] RFID technology -- and more

Hi Stephan, Amy, et al--
Here is an interesting article from the Journal of Industrial Ecology from '03 where the authors posit all kinds of beneficial uses for RFID tags in the waste/recycle infrastructure.

There are truckboard RFID programs I heard about a few years ago that, I believe, use RFID on receptacles at curbside, to link generation data per household with route sheets etc. (i.e., the Peters' house put out 53.2 lbs. in its waste container this week and 89.4 lbs in its single-stream recyclable container, that would go right into a database). I don't know where or if these got implemented -- you could probably call folks selling RFID equipment to find out.

I have been researching this topic (and more broadly, the impact of new material types on waste/recycle management), and did not find anyone using RFID tags in the recycle process - they're regarded as a necessary contaminant like paper clips or staples at this point by MRFs and mills. However, there are more intriguing uses that c/should be considered by recyclers because of the informational storage you get with RFIDs (versus bar codes, which is what they're replacing) - that get into quantity tracking of, say OCC; producer responsibility scenarios; product lifetime usage data; etc.

I just gave a prez on these themes at the SWANA Planning & Mgmt. Division nat'l conference this week. Please get in touch with me if you'd like to discuss my findings.

Anne Peters
Gracestone, Inc.
Boulder, CO
303.494.4934 vox
303.494.4880 fax

Amy Bauman wrote:

Hi Stephan -

I know that the PENREN (Pentagon Renovation) project is strongly considering
it. They may be able to share their views of costs / benefits. I'm
currently waiting for confirmation of that, and I'd be happy to hook you up
off line.

Amy Bauman
C&D Recycling Tools

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Do any of you know of any collection programs here in North America
using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)?


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