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[greenyes] NYBBBB goes to Assembly for Vote

If you have friends and/or family in New York State, please pass this ACTION
ALERT along.......


After four years, the "Bigger, Better, Bottle Bill" is finally close to a
full vote in the New York State Assembly. The floor vote will likely take
place tomorrow. This bill would make our communities cleaner and provide
vital support for recycling.

Please call your State Assemblymember and Assembly Speaker Silver and urge
them to pass the "Bigger, Better, Bottle Bill" (A2517B) this year! You can
reach them by calling the Assembly switchboard at 518-455-4100.

The ?Bigger, Better Bottle Bill? would update the existing bottle deposit
law - New York?s most successful recycling and litter prevention program ?
by including non-carbonated beverages like bottled water and iced tea. It
would also require beverage companies to return any unclaimed deposits to
the State Environmental Protection Fund to fund recycling and other
environmental programs.

We all share responsibility for keeping our communities clean and healthy.
But the beverage giants and supermarket lobbyists are trying to stop
lawmakers from closing a loophole in New York?s highly successful bottle law
that would make our communities cleaner. Every day that the politicians in
Albany fail to act on this proposal, millions of bottles and cans end up in
the garbage or trashing our streams, rivers, and neighborhoods.

This year is our best chance for getting the Bigger, Better Bottle Bill
passed in the Assembly. If the Assembly passes it, the Senate will have to
take it more seriously. But we only have until June 23rd to make this
happen, so please call your Assemblymember today!

For more information, visit or call

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