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[greenyes] Re: Aluminum Beer Bottles

I believe these aluminum bottles will likely replace 1)"bar bottles" the ones that Doug referred to that are commonly refilled and not available for retail customers, they are only available for bars; 2) the common retail marketed bottles that are sold at some bars, many restaurants and event venues - though often emptied into cups for serving; and 3) the plastic bottles that have become more common particularly at sporting venues where safety concerns are an issue.

So I think this could be both a plus and minus depending upon which particular container it replaces. My personal preferance remains the classic, refillable "bar bottles".

Speaking of great venues, the GRRN Zero Waste Action Conference will feature an amazing networking opportunity on Monday night May 23rd following the first day of events, great appetizers, outdoors within close proximity of the Brooklyn Bridge, a solar-powered sound system and 3 DJ's offering the widest selection of music you could possibly imagine. Register now at If you heard about last year's event in Oakland you have some idea how special this will be, but this time we're taking it to the East Coast and NYC, I hope to see you here.

Timothy Logan
Lead Organizer, NYC Zero Waste Campaign
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Wouldn't this be replacing the thicker glass bottles now common at bars
that (I believe) are still refilled? Will the aluminum bottles be =

>>> "Peter Anderson" <anderson@no.address> 05/04/05 01:19PM >>>
[Finally a packaging innovation that improves recycling programs' =
line. - p]

This Aluminum Bud is For You

Anheuser-Busch Cos., St. Louis, is planning a national rollout of =
in aluminum bottles for the month of May, according to a report in the
Louis Post-Dispatch.

The 16-ounce aluminum containers (far right) have previously been used
the company's Michelob family of beers, but the flagship Budweiser =
will get its turn this spring.

On a unit basis, the containers cost more to make than glass bottles, =
the brewing company is hopeful the distinct aluminum bottle will to =
the attention of Budweiser drinkers at clubs and bars.


The new aluminum bottles will be offered in bars, restaurants and clubs
well as at some convenience stores. They are now being introduced=20
nationally, according to the Anheuser-Busch Web site.

"Our new aluminum bottles gives consumers what they want - cool
packaging =
complement their image and style," Rick Leininger, director,
Brands, said regarding the new containers for that brand family. "This
and sophisticated bottle fills the need for beer drinkers in certain=20
settings like upscale bars and clubs."

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