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[greenyes] Media Release - New technologies bring more green products to catalog offering - now available

Dear Friends,
Our biggest and best ever new catalog is out! See below press release for
more information. It includes many items that have been of recent
discussion on this email list and more. We welcome orders of any size - no
minimum order charge.

Let me know if you would like a catalog sent to you or a hard copy of this
press release.

Steve Weisser
GreenLine Paper



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: - Business/Environment News

New technologies bring more green products to catalog offering

GreenLine Paper Company of York Pennsylvania is releasing their 2005-2006
National Products Catalog. The new catalog contains 40 pages of full-color
listings of environmentally-friendly office, restaurant, hotel and home
products. GreenLine?s President, Stephen Baker, announced ?our 2005 catalog
introduces some revolutionary new products utilizing new technologies to
eliminate waste and reduce pressure on natural resources.? PLA food
containers, for example, look and perform like clear plastic food containers
but are actually made from processed yellow corn. They are fully
biodegradable and compostable. This year?s catalog also contains more
tree-free paper products like bagasse tableware which is manufactured from
sugar cane waste fibers?not from trees; as well as GMO-free wheat-based
picnic cutlery.

Being ?America?s Green Office Supply? means stocking recycled and tree-free
paper products which are plentiful in this catalog. Cascades New Life DP
100, a well-know recycled copier paper, has recently increased its
post-consumer recycled content to 100% as well as being certified PCF or
processed chlorine free. A full line of business envelopes made from the
New Life paper is now available.

GreenLine Paper Company, Inc. is a 13-year-old, privately held corporation
based in York Pennsylvania. The company serves the national marketplace as
well as the local Central Pennsylvania community. Since the company?s
inception in 1992 it has been solely dedicated to the distribution of
environmentally-sound products. The 2005 catalog is their 5th catalog
venture in the company?s history. The company maintains an internet website
at and an 800 number.

?I see some light at the end of the tunnel in the quest for sustainability,
says Baker. Mills and manufacturers who make green products now seem to be
gaining a market edge over their competitors who manufacture only
conventional products.? Prices for petroleum-based and virgin fiber
products have risen to make recycled and alternative technologies more price

Recycling is a daily practice for many Americans. These programs are only
sustainable however, when recycled products are purchased. We encourage
people to support their recycling programs by purchasing these products.
?With this new catalog shopping for earth-friendly office, restaurant and
home products suddenly got a lot easier.?

Call 800-641-1117 or e-mail info@no.address to receive a free,
full-color copy of the GreenLine catalog. GreenLine Paper Company, Inc.
ships the majority of its supplies via United Parcel Service and accepts all
major credit cards for purchases.

Contact: Steve Baker, phone 717-845-8697


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