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Re: [greenyes] Chrichtons book

See my sort-of-review at

It¹s a painful exercise, but important to read nonetheless.


on 5/5/05 7:04 PM, Thomas Vinson-Peng at tvinson@no.address wrote:

> Who has read State of Fear? What do you think?
> Thomas Vinson-Peng
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> From: Stephen N Weisser [mailto:stevew@no.address]
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> Subject: [greenyes] Media Release - New technologies bring more green
> products to catalog offering - now available
> Dear Friends,
> Our biggest and best ever new catalog is out! See below press release for
> more information. It includes many items that have been of recent
> discussion on this email list and more. We welcome orders of any size - no
> minimum order charge.
> Let me know if you would like a catalog sent to you or a hard copy of this
> press release.
> Steve Weisser
> GreenLine Paper
> 1-800-641-1117
> ------
> 5/3/2005
> FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: - Business/Environment News
> New technologies bring more green products to catalog offering
> GreenLine Paper Company of York Pennsylvania is releasing their 2005-2006
> National Products Catalog. The new catalog contains 40 pages of full-color
> listings of environmentally-friendly office, restaurant, hotel and home
> products. GreenLine's President, Stephen Baker, announced "our 2005 catalog
> introduces some revolutionary new products utilizing new technologies to
> eliminate waste and reduce pressure on natural resources." PLA food
> containers, for example, look and perform like clear plastic food containers
> but are actually made from processed yellow corn. They are fully
> biodegradable and compostable. This year's catalog also contains more
> tree-free paper products like bagasse tableware which is manufactured from
> sugar cane waste fibers-not from trees; as well as GMO-free wheat-based
> picnic cutlery.
> Being "America's Green Office Supply" means stocking recycled and tree-free
> paper products which are plentiful in this catalog. Cascades New Life DP
> 100, a well-know recycled copier paper, has recently increased its
> post-consumer recycled content to 100% as well as being certified PCF or
> processed chlorine free. A full line of business envelopes made from the
> New Life paper is now available.
> GreenLine Paper Company, Inc. is a 13-year-old, privately held corporation
> based in York Pennsylvania. The company serves the national marketplace as
> well as the local Central Pennsylvania community. Since the company's
> inception in 1992 it has been solely dedicated to the distribution of
> environmentally-sound products. The 2005 catalog is their 5th catalog
> venture in the company's history. The company maintains an internet website
> at and an 800 number.
> "I see some light at the end of the tunnel in the quest for sustainability,
> says Baker. Mills and manufacturers who make green products now seem to be
> gaining a market edge over their competitors who manufacture only
> conventional products." Prices for petroleum-based and virgin fiber
> products have risen to make recycled and alternative technologies more price
> competitive.
> Recycling is a daily practice for many Americans. These programs are only
> sustainable however, when recycled products are purchased. We encourage
> people to support their recycling programs by purchasing these products.
> "With this new catalog shopping for earth-friendly office, restaurant and
> home products suddenly got a lot easier."
> Call 800-641-1117 or e-mail info@no.address to receive a free,
> full-color copy of the GreenLine catalog. GreenLine Paper Company, Inc.
> ships the majority of its supplies via United Parcel Service and accepts all
> major credit cards for purchases.
> Contact: Steve Baker, phone 717-845-8697
> -30-

David Biddle, Executive Director

P.O. Box 4037
Philadelphia, PA 19118
215-432-8225 (mobile)


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businesses in communities across North America!
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