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[greenyes] In NYC 5/23-25, experts can help you to Zero Waste

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Is your community treading water on recycling? Do you want to help your community get to the next level? If so, how much would you pay to pull together a team of experts in the industry to consult on your program? For two and a half days in May, leading Zero Waste advisors with experience in helping communities around the world create Zero Waste strategies will be together in New York City to share their knowledge of how exciting the future could be in your town. This is a valuable opportunity­for city planners, community organizers, business leaders? to use these experts at a fraction of what it would cost to hire them.

You?re not going to want to miss it. See conference announcement below.

The Second National Zero Waste Action Conference
New York City - May 23-25, 2005

?Building Zero Waste Communities: Tools to Take Home?

FOR MORE INFO OR TO REGISTER ONLINE, GO TO <file://../../marti.BOULDER/Local%20Settings/Temporary%20Internet%20Files/OLK322/>

This is your opportunity to join leading experts in the Zero Waste industry and get the tools, processes and consult you need to implement Zero Waste in your community!

Mark Gorrell, an architect for Urban Ore in Berkeley, CA and one of the leading designers of Resource Recovery Parks (RRP), will help you design a Resource Recovery Park for your community (bring your site plans with you!).

Peter Montague, Co-Director of the Environmental Research Foundation and Editor of RACHEL?s Environmental and Health News, will present on ?Zero Waste and the Precautionary Principle.? David Morris, Vice President of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance and Director of the New Rules Project, will speak to ?The Power and Importance of Changing Local Rules to Create a Zero Waste Society.?

Zero Waste consultants and planners will share their specific Zero Waste plans including Resource Recovery Park designs, marketing considerations, Extended Producer Responsibility initiatives, Design for the Environment campaigns, and Job Creation programs.

Join your progressive peers working in New York, the U.S. and Canada to discuss challenges and different program approaches. Strategize your own Zero Waste plan for your region by building off other community?s ongoing planning processes.

What are the Tools to Take Home? We want to help you get your community moving toward Zero Waste, so some of the useful take-aways from this conference will include a framework for introducing Zero Waste to your community?s legislators and stakeholders, sample policies and legislation, resources and references for building infrastructure, community planning handbooks, promotional campaign artwork and other how-to?s.

Planning for Zero Waste? Bring a delegation from your community!

To start organizing your community around Zero Waste, we encourage you to bring a delegation with you. We suggest at least 2 or 3 of the following individuals: elected officials, top city management, solid waste program managers, business leaders, and members of community organizations.

Conference Agenda:

Monday, May 23rd
Registration and Continental Breakfast
Keynote Sessions:

Peter Montague, Co-Director of the Environmental Research Foundation and Editor of RACHEL?s Environmental and Health News
?Zero Waste and the Precautionary Principle: An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

David Morris, Vice President of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance and Director of the New Rules Project
?The Power and Importance of Changing Local Rules to Create a Zero Waste Society?

Panel and Interactive Sessions:

Panel 1: ?Upstream and Downstream ? the Zero Waste System?
Producer Responsibility, Design for the Environment and Clean Production
Building Infrastructure: Resource Recovery Parks
* Rick Anthony: GrassRoots Recycling Network and Zero Waste International Alliance Planning Group, Downstream = ?Commodity and Service Analysis for Jobs and Sustainability?
* Mark Gorrell, Architect, Urban Ore and designer of Resource Recovery Parks: ?Downstream=Resource Recovery Parks?
Town Hall Meetings: Small group meetings with David Morris, Peter Montague, Rick Anthony and Mark Gorrell!

Lunch provided

?Open Space? Break-out Sessions:
A chance to network with your peers and discuss with experts the challenges you are experiencing in your specific community.

Panel 2: ?Jobs, Jobs, Jobs?
* Omar Freilla, Director, Green Worker Cooperatives
* Levon Chambers, Labor Union
Reception 5-9 p.m.:
Music by DJ Chrome, the Soundz of Justice and Recycled Funk (<>

Tuesday, May 24th
Continental Breakfast

Group Work Sessions with national experts focusing on how government and community organizers can work both separately and together toward Zero Waste:
?Framing the Zero Waste Debate? ? Annie Leonard, Global Alliance for Incineration Alternatives (GAIA)

Panel 1: ?Choosing Zero Waste for your Community?
* Timothy Logan, Lead Organizer, NYC Zero Waste Campaign
* Donna Barlow Casey, Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District
* Gary Liss, Coordinator, Zero Waste International Alliance
Panel 2: ?Planning for Zero Waste?
* Barbara Warren, Consumer Policy Institute of Consumers' Union and co-author of Reaching for Zero: The Citizens Plan for Zero Waste in NYC
* Chris Luboff, Seattle Director of Solid Waste Planning
* Mary T'Kach, Director of Environmental Affairs, Aveda Corporation
Lunch provided

Panel 3: ?Implementing Zero Waste?
* Laurie Lewis, Waste Diversion Planning Coordinator, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
* Wendy Neu, Vice President of Governmental & Environmental Affairs, Hugo Neu Corporation
* Eric Lombardi, Executive Director of Eco-Cycle, Boulder, CO
Evening Tours 5-8 p.m.
Choose one of two options:
* Reuse ? Materials for the Arts and Build it Green; OR
* Toxics ? Green Worker Cooperatives & Sustainable South Bronx.
Wine and snacks served after tours.

Wednesday, May 25th
Morning Tours 9 a.m.-noon
Choose one of two options:
* Organics ? Lower Eastside Ecology Center & Riker?s Island NYC Corrections Facility; OR
* Recycling ? Hugo Neu and Visy Paper Plant.
TO REGISTER or for more information, visit <>

GrassRoots Recycling Network (GRRN) is a North American network of recycling professionals and waste reduction activists pushing public policy and corporate practice beyond recycling.

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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