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[greenyes] Respose to Indy Recycling

Looking through the web serve pages, I noticed a
posting 'talking' about how the city of Indianapolis
may delete their curbside recycling program for the
sake of budget cuts....the reason being that only
about 1/3 of the area household participate.

I can tell you that Rhode Island is approaching it's
budget problems is a completely converse manner. The
Governor here recently proposed a bill that would (if
passed) increase landfill fees from $32.00 to $41.34 a
ton, to any city and town that cannot prove that it
recycles 20% of it's solid waste.

The extra money goes to the RRRC, the state agency
that runs the state landfill.

[I'm sure our good Governor is planning to raid the
funds a-la modern social security for the past 25
years...but that's beside the point].

Speaking of lack of participation....the
municipalities that are lagging behind are those less
affluent communities (or so it is claimed) that do not
have resources to educate communities on the recycling

Another point that has been made...if landfills except
recycling for free, any recycling lowers landfill

Perhaps Indianapolis is approaching their problems the
wrong wonder our beloved Patriots always
seem to beat them in the big games, yes?

JM. Corrente
Providence College Recycling Office

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