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[greenyes] Recycling Summer Job


The Vans Warped Tour is looking for TWO people to come on the road as the
"recycle team" helping to keep the Tour clean. The job entails 8-10 hour shifts in the
heat of the Summer as well as arranging local groups of volunteers to help pick up
recycling goods during the duration of the tour.

The winners must be US residents over 18 and need to be available from June 16 -
August 16th. The Tour will provide air transportation to and from the tour, daily bus
travel, day off hotels, a $500 a week salary and a per diem of $30 a day and catering.

If this sounds good to you, Write in 100 words or less "why you want to help keep the
Vans Warped tour" recycled. Send the 100 words as well as your resume to

For more information:

Courtney Forrester

Solid Waste Manager
Newton Department of Public Works

"Waste reduction, reuse, and recycling helps leave a legacy of reduced
pollution, sustained resources and better health for future generations."

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