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Re: [greenyes] Plastic Light Covers......need recycling


East Coast Recycling Associates, Millville, NJ

George Glenn  (856) 327-8888  


They recycle many different plastics -- very accommodating.


Dan Weisenbach



On Tue, 26 Apr 2005, Providence College Recycling wrote:
> ~1300 plastic electric-light covers. The old covers are in need of
> recycling. The covers are usable, they are 2 x 2 and made of
> plastic (what grade, I'm not sure). ....

.... or a plastics recycling center that may shred
> material for reuse, preferably on the east coast, that may be
> looking to take most or all of the covers.
> Does anyone have any suggestions on who I can contact?
> Providence College Recycling Office
> recycle@no.address

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