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[greenyes] Global Warming Skeptics


by Lorraine Woellert; ROBERT McNATT | Jun 05 '00

Frederick Seitz is the granddaddy of global-warming skeptics. For over a 
decade, the former president of the National Academy of Sciences has 
written, spoken out, and offered congressional testimony to debunk the 
validity of global warming and stall the Kyoto Protocol, the global pact to 
curb greenhouse gas emissions. And he chairs two Washington think tanks as 
his bully pulpits: the George C. Marshall Institute and the Science & 
Environmental Policy Project (SEPP).

But for 28 years, Seitz was also a paid director and shareholder of Ogden 
Corp., an operator of coal-burning power plants that stands to lose 
financially should the Kyoto Protocol become law. After retiring from Ogden 
in 1998, Seitz sold most of his 11,500 shares last year at 26. It's now at 
about 8.

Seitz denies any conflict of interest: ``I'm speaking as a scientist who 
feels the issue of what has caused global warming is as yet unresolved.'' 
SEPP could not be reached for comment. Jeffrey Salmon, Marshall's executive 
director, was ``vaguely'' aware of Seitz's holdings, but ``it wasn't an 
issue.'' Seitz's apparent conflict may yet raise questions about his 

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