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Re: [greenyes] PVC Action: Tell MS and J&J to the PVC-Free Pledge.

In a message dated 12/22/04 1:58:18 PM, chris.sparnicht@no.address writes:

>Hi Greenyes Members,
>In coordination with the Center For Health and Environmental
>Justice's with BeSafe PVC campaign at,
>GRRN is hosting two action letters asking Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson
>to "Take the PVC-Free Pledge!"

Dear Chris & Greenyessers,

A point of clarification: I'm not defending PVC by any stretch, but I noticed
a weak point in the MS and J&J letters I downloaded from the link given

One of the letters (I think the 1 to MS) only mentions PVC in packaging, not
products also. Fact is, the lion's share of PVC (by weight) used in US goes
into products, mainly durable/semi-durable products like building materials
(e.g., siding), electronics, auto parts, etc. Not that much is used in pkgs
anymore (if someone will remind me, I'll look up actual production figures
& send to the list after Christmas).

There's another rapidly growing PVC application that is most worrisome
& should be targeted, namely, children's toys. I'm not referring here to
well-known use in teethers & other baby in-the-mouth items (which
hopefully have now been discontinued, tho I wouldn't bank on it).

Rather, I think, but haven't checked yet, that all these new pre-schooler
learning & handling toys (ala Leapfrog, building-block set-ups, miniature
structures where kids move figures, cars, parts around, press buttons,
etc) are just the sort of thing that would be made with heavily plasticized

Also, things for pets to chew on, like hamburgers with the works, which
I know are vinyl (PVC).

I would strongly encourage targeting the companies that make these
kinds of products, especially since youngsters are particularly vulnerable
to PVCs & plasticizers, which they can absorb thru their skin in addition
to any mouth contact.

Just wanted to add this info to the discussion.

Happy holidays,
Gretchen Brewer
Earth Circle
San Diego

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