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[greenyes] Bush Administration Position on Global Warming


Climate treaty 'puts US growth at risk'
By Fiona Harvey, Environment Correspondent
Published: December 9 2004 20:38 | Last updated: December 9 2004 20:38

The gulf between the US and Europe on climate change yawned as wide as ever
on Thursday after Washington told an international conference that limiting
carbon emissions in line with the Kyoto protocol on climate change would
damage growth.

Harlan Watson, senior climate negotiator for the US State Department, told
the meeting of signatories in Buenos Aires that the treaty's success would
depend on "whether or not the Kyoto parties will be willing to take on what
we believe would be non-growth economic policies".

This stands in direct opposition to the European Union, which will implement
its scheme to limit industrial emissions of carbon dioxide in January, and
the UK, which has taken a strong stand on climate change.

Tony Blair has discussed climate change with President George W. Bush on
several occasions, but has made little progress. Mr Blair's office on
Thursday confirmed that Kyoto remained the cornerstone of its approach: "We
remain committed to Kyoto, and the need for a cohesive international
Paula Dobriansky, US under-secretary of state, told the Financial Times: "We
think that we share a common commitment to dealing with climate change, but
there are different approaches."

She outlined a number of initiatives the Bush administration had undertaken
to combat climate change, including financing for the Earth Observation
Summit, a system for monitoring changes in the global environment.


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