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[greenyes] Fwd: [GAIA]Lebanon might go Zero Waste

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From: "Wael Hmaidan" <>
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Subject: [GAIA]Lebanon might go Zero Waste
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Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2004 17:51:37 +0100

Last week we had a very successful Zero Waste event. Read all about it
in the PR below. One statement from the Ministry of Environment was that
they will adopt a Zero Waste strategy in their new waste management law.
I will be meeting them this week. Wish us luck.

Take care,

Waste Monster in Martyr's Square
Greenpeace: A Zero Waste law is the only way to kill it

Beirut, Lebanon, 28 November 2004 - A six meter high Monster has shown
up in Martyrs square in downtown Beirut today. The creature, entirely
made of collected waste, was born on the 4th day of an artistic event
organized by Greenpeace Mediterranean along with Lebanese artists, to
highlight a Zero Waste law as the only solution for the Solid Waste
management crisis in Lebanon.

The Waste Monster construction began last Tuesday and has involved 3
artists and 15 activists working 12 hours a day in rainy, cloudy, windy
weather. The activists coordinated work on the ground and welcomed
visitors from the public, and presented the Zero Waste concept to media
and NGO representatives as well.

Wael Hmaidan, Greenpeace Mediterranean Campaigner said: "This Waste
Monster is here because it feels threatened. Its worst fear is to see
the law, drafted by the Ministry of Environment, adopt Zero Waste
principles. Saving Lebanon once and for all from its waste plague
requires long term radical plans, and Zero Waste can guarantee a final
solution for the country's never-ending Waste problem".

Greenpeace is spreading in Lebanon a new concept of waste management
suitable for developing countries: Zero Waste. This solution is already
being implemented all over the world, and is based on the idea that
waste is a resource we should benefit from, rather than a problem to get
rid of. The solution is composed of the following five basic principles:
1- Extended Producer Responsibility: Producers or manufacturers
should be held responsible for the waste generated by their products,
and take initiatives to reduce the waste they generate and make sure it
can be reused as a resource with no harmful effect.
2- Consumer Responsibility. Consumers should also be held
responsible on the way they consume and their choice of goods.
3- Source Separation of Waste. Each household should separate
their waste to increase the value of their recycling output.
4- Composting of Organic Waste. Organic waste becomes a natural
fertilizer for agriculture.
5- Recycling of Inorganic Waste. Glass, metals, paper, etc.
become raw material for Lebanese industry.

"A Zero Waste strategy has no room for incineration; because, other than
being an environmental catastrophe, incinerators need the continuous
feed of waste and thus do not encourage waste reduction" Hmaidan
explained. He added: "The benefits of a Zero Waste strategy is that it
is the most environmental route to take, the least expensive, creates
the most jobs, reduces imports and conserves natural resources".

Greenpeace Mediterranean is demanding that the Ministry of Environment
adopt Zero Waste principles in the first Lebanese solid waste management
law it is currently drafting. Then long term objectives should be set
such as achieving Zero Waste within 25 years, the planning of which
should be done with the participation of civil society and recycling
industries. The plan should be regularly reviewed, assessed, and amended
accordingly. Greenpeace sees this as the only serious solution to the
problem that will rid the country of all bad waste management practices
and their residues for good.

For more information

Wael Hmaidan, Greenpeace Campaigner in Lebanon
Mobile: 03-755 100

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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