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Re: [greenyes] Plastic from corn?

This is what I have been pitching to Canadian audiences here in BC - distinguishing between "recyclable" products and "biodegradable" products.

The US composting council has even created a "compostable" logo with ASTM test associated, which is intended to be used on yard waste bags and other short-life plastic applications.

In my ideal, oversimplified world, producers of "biodegradable" products would be entitled to use that logo -- for a fee -- and products bearing that logo would be eligible for composting in municipal or other composting systems.

Other products which were not compostable would, of course, go back to their makers.


At 10:13 AM 11/30/2004, richard@no.address wrote:
I know that this is way over simplified, but wouldn't it be great if all
film plastics were biodegradable, and all plastic containers were made from
commonly recyclable plastics!

Then all of the ag film and bags that are used for garbage would be
composted, and the containers could be recycled without fear of being
contaminated with biodegradable materials.

This is a relatively easy message for consumers to understand, so recycling
programs would continue to be effective.

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