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[greenyes] Alternative Holiday . . . COOKIES!

Yes Cookies!  That's the best idea.

Years ago, my wife used to buy little gifts for all her friends and neighbors. Then she switched to giving each of them a small plate of cookies and other homemade treats. The idea caught on and  now she and her friends/neighbors exchange cookie plates.  Over the years the tradition has evolved a little -- now each person bakes one or two of their personal "specialties" instead of each household attempting to make 10 different varieties.  So, each year around the holidays we have a nice selection around the house and yet we only had to make a couple large batches of the same kind.  We do it mainly for the fun and flavor, it promotes family and community, and certainly spreads the holiday cheer.  We never really thought of it specifically as an alternative to consumerism, but we have enjoyed all the positive affects.

Stop Consumerism.
Choose Gluttony!

Dan Weisenbach

On Tue, 30 Nov 2004 16:38:35 -0500, Christine McCoy wrote:
> I have a rule - I don't buy gifts. I bake cookies using my Italian
> grandmother/great-grandfather's recipes. There might be a slight
> negative impact on their waistline, but my friends beg for them
> every year!
> Christine McCoy

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