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[greenyes] Single Stream Does NOT Increase Participation

The last comments on Greenyes that repeat outright bogus claims that single
stream recycling increases participation explains for me how 58% of the
people who voted from Pres. Bush believe that Saddam Hussein was responsible
for September 11th -- REPETITION.

No matter how many times waste companies like Waste Management repeat that
single stream recycling increases participation does not change the facts.
Reptition is NOT truth.

The proven facts are that it is ONLY the change from 3 or 4 bins to wheeled
carts increases participation -- whether that is one or two wheeled carts is
immaterial -- NOT single stream.

Eureka Recycling conducted a controlled test in St. Paul of a single stream
large cart vs. two stream wheeled carts, and they found that the observed
effect in increased participation was due to the cart, not single stream
simplicity. A summary of their study was reported in Resource Recycling and
can be found on Eureka's web site:

None of the claims to the contrary claiming that single stream, apart from
carts, is responsible for higher participation rates have been in controlled
tests which is needed to separate the simplicity hypothesis from the cart
hypothesis. Those using uncontrolled tests that produce those bogus results
know full well what they are doing, are not acting responsibly and are only
showing their contempt for our gullability.

Similarly, were the issue raised, single stream does NOT reduce costs --
not, in any event, if it is done correctly without overpacking on the truck
or unusable throughputs at the MRF. And not if it is separated from a
coincident reduction of service and diversion by simultaneously going from
weekly to biweekly.

There are responsible -- and irresponsible -- reasons to use single stream,
but they have NOTHING to do with increasing participation or saving money.

It is absolutely critical that the recycling industry become more
sophisticated or we'll be led off to slaughter with our acquiescence.


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