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Re: [greenyes] Contamination within Public Recycling & Compostables Collections:Studies, Reports, and Le


When I managed the recycling program in Greensboro, NC, I developed a
QC program that provided us with fairly empirical data on contaminants
and contamination rates. The program is a fully-automated,
single-stream recycling program so contamination was initially a serious
problem, countered only by a handful of solid waste inspectors that
worked with me. We actually wrote up an SOP and developed definitions
for specific contamination types in order to be consistent. E.g., gross
contamination was defined as materials that were in no way, shape or
form even close to being identified as those that should go in the
recycling carts. Usually it was yard waste, household garbage or liquid
wastes. Structural contamination was defined as materials that could
easily be considered to be recyclable because of their physical makeup
and/or the presence of the recycling symbol on it. Our goal was to
reduce overall gross contamination first, sustain that then work on
structural contamination. We even developed a grading system with both
positive and negative consequences for repeat do-gooders and offenders,
respectively. The woman who took my place could give you some
additional info on that program as she was my assistant when we
developed the program. Let me know if you want me to put you in touch
with her.


>>> Stephan Pollard <sp@no.address> 11/24/2004 10:53:21 AM >>>
Can anyone lead me to examples of detailed studies (and reports) on
contamination within public recycling and compostables collections?
Also, wondering if there's a developed lexicon.

Happy Holidays All


Stephan Pollard
Environmental Dynamics Doctoral Program
University of Arkansas
Rm 113 Ozark Hall
Fayetteville, AR 72701
Tel: (479) 575-6603

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