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Re: [greenyes] Re: Cat Litter in the Waste Stream

Personally I'm a big fan of Feline Pine, the sawdust-based kitty litter. I understand it's made from sawdust residue from sawmills/papermills.
One can home-compost the wood-based "spent litter" and flush the cat feces.

SPENDELOW Peter H wrote:


The 2002 Oregon Waste Composition Study has a category "Pet Litter/Animal Feces" which is dominated by the pet litter component. This category made up about 1.7% of all of Oregon's non-industrial solid waste (90% confidence interval: 1.40% to 1.99%). In tons, this works out to about 46,000 tons disposed in Oregon in 2002. Not surprisingly, the pet litter category was especially large in residential waste, where it made up about 4 percent of the garbage in residential route trucks, but less than 1 percent of the waste in commercial route trucks.

As for alternative disposal methods or suggestions others may have on how to minimize this waste stream, I'd love to hear what others have to offer.

Here is a link to the Oregon study:

Peter Spendelow
Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

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From: Stephan Pollard <sp@no.address>
Subject: Cat Litter in the Waste Stream

Anyone looked at the quantity/weight of cat litter in the waste stream and alternative disposal methods?


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