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[greenyes] Starbucks - What employees know & soical policies

Starbucks employees, known as partners, seem to have very limited awareness
of some corporate policies regarding reusable mugs, Fair Trade Coffee (often
not available), the article in The New York Times and its implications. The
company is undergoing extremely rapid growth and stock value has increased about
76 percent since the beginning of the year.

Community Solutions has found the company pursues a variety of social and
employee practices that are important, in terms of diversity, training, health
benefits, mutual assistance, advance of women and minorities, and supporting
local projects. Grants to organizations are to "safe", non-controversial causes,
but worthwhile concerns such as literacy projects.

One reply to my message about Starbucks yesterday raised an interesting
product life-cycle issue, release of VOCs from coffee roasting. Does anyone have
information about this?

Also, I was told about Starbucks giving away Coffee grounds for composting.
I'm not aware of any widespread program being implemented by all stores.

Lance King
Community Solutions

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