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[greenyes] Re: [e_takeback] SWANA Supports Producer Responsibility for E-Waste

This was from a letter Mr. Skinner sent the Technology Administration of the U.S Department of Commerce, in response to its request for comments on electronics recycling policy (that request circulated on e_takeback last month).  SWANA 's press release on its letter is at - with contact info to get a copy of the full letter if you want.

This was a strong statement from SWANA, who earlier this year published its report finding that today's landfill designs are sufficient to capture heavy metals from e-waste (mainly because the heavy metals bind rather than move in the LF environment) -- and then made strong public statements and organizational committments to furthering electronics recycling & the development of electronic recycling infrastructure.

For those who are members of SWANA, do encourage your local chapters or the national org to be more involved in the e-waste issue that can so dramatically affect government-owned & -operated waste systems.

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Ted Smith wrote:
I can't tell from this exactly what he means by "producer responsiblity" but it seems like a step in the right direction

TEd Smith

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Subject: [greenyes] SWANA Supports Producer Responsibility for E-Waste

The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) has endorsed producer
responsibility for e-waste, to prevent the cost of properly managing
discarded computers and televisions from becoming a new financial burden on

    "Producer responsibility financing policies create a strong incentive
for changes to products that keep environmental at the forefront of
consideration during production and these policies can leverage
private-sector efficiency to re-capture the most value from end-of-life
electronics," SWANA President John Skinner is reported to have stated.

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